The world is a constant stage for inspiring success stories that have significantly contributed to humanity’s triumph over poverty, adversity, and threats to our world. Education stands as the catalyst for these successes, serving as the driving force for individual advancement and the bedrock for building a resilient, healthy society and nation.

Historical evidence shows that when progress is prioritized, opportunities for its realization abound. Our objective is to guide the nation towards a future that is not only brighter but also technologically advanced, shielding humanity and all forms of life from threats, stagnation, misuse of resources, poverty, inequality, and injustice. We realize that the main way to achieve this ambitious vision is through education.

We, therefore, support the development of an education system that is human-centric and prioritizes gender equality, freedom, coexistence, mutual acceptance, respect for differences, and environmental protection.

Destined to be a catalyst for positive transformation, this system transcends conventional academic boundaries, cultivating an environment where students feel not only at ease and engaged in their studies, but also harbor a sense of belonging towards their educational institutions. Essentially, it strives to create an ambiance that is not just conducive to student learning, but also mirrors values that foster an exceptional education. This kind of atmosphere is one of the paramount principles for instituting a contemporary, forward-thinking system within the education sector.

With the mission to educate individuals across all levels of science and learning, Vision Education accomplishes this by interweaving historical, technological, and scientific advancements with a wealth of cognitive, cultural, professional, and diverse experiences and opportunities for growth. The company aspires to be a pioneer in fostering progress and effecting positive transformation within the country.

To accomplish this goal, our commitment to providing assistance in education and teaching is deeply ingrained. In this regard, we are moving towards a brighter future, investing not only in scientific infrastructure and resources but also in the potential of individuals within society. We invest in educators who address crucial issues and in students who dare to dream.

Our initiatives in strengthening this sector reaffirm our belief in the transformative potential of education. We envision not just school and university structures, but centers of education and learning that serve as the bedrock for constructing the future. These centers are the training grounds for the forthcoming generations of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

From this perspective and as a sacred duty, Vision Education leans on a relentless and dedicated team committed to continually work and strive to contribute to a world in which education and teaching are a bridge working toward the common outcome of prosperity and sustainable social peace. A society in which science is our guiding principle, while faith and love fuel our motivation and resilience.

Idris Nechirvan Barzani

To Lead Change Through Education To Lead Change Through Education To Lead Change Through Education To Lead Change Through Education

To Lead Change Through Education To Lead Change Through Education To Lead Change Through Education To Lead Change Through Education

At the core of our vision statement lies a resolute belief that through education, individuals and societies can create significant shifts, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


Our mission is to invest in education by supporting both private and public institutions. We aim to empower individuals, enabling them to take on the role of responsible citizens and lead positive transformations within their communities.

A Unified

The Vision Education team consists of a group of dedicated and experienced individuals in their respective fields.


Each member serves as a crucial pillar for the company’s success, tirelessly striving to elevate educational standards and shape a better future for generations to come.

Forever Investing
In Knowledge

Vision Education serves as a vital link, bridging the gap between private and public educational institutions. Our investments in constructing and renovating  public schools and libraries underscore our commitment to education. We’ve equipped hundreds of public schools with essential supplies and tools, thereby creating a suitable and safe educational environment for both students and teachers.

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