French Ambassador Commends Vision Education’s Support for Danielle Mitterrand School of Erbil

On Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, Mr. Patrick Durrell, the French Ambassador to Iraq, visited the Danielle Mitterrand French School of Erbil, accompanied by Yann Braem, the French Consul General in Erbil, Dr. Alan Hama Saeed, the Minister of Education of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and Sara Salahaddin Mustafa, CEO of Vision Education.

During the visit, the French Ambassador and the Minister of Education expressed their gratitude to H.E. Idris Nechirvan Barzani, Chairman of Vision Education, for his continued support of the Danielle Mitterrand French School of Erbil.

The purpose of the French Ambassador’s visit was to reaffirm the French Government’s support for the school.

Vision Education provides annual funding to the Danielle Mitterrand French School of Erbil. In addition to that, back in 2022, Vision Education renovated the school and constructed a fully equipped science laboratory, aiming to create a modern and globally oriented learning environment for the students.

During the visit, Sara Salahaddin Mustafa reiterated Vision Education’s commitment to supporting the school, which has significantly contributed to improving the quality of education in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Officially recognized by the French Ministry of Education, the school was established in 2009 in the capital of the Kurdistan Region and named in honor of former First Lady of France, Danielle Mitterrand, for her advocacy for the Kurdish people.

The school currently enrolls 145 students from over 10 different countries.

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