Lawan Public Primary School Renovation in Erbil

Date: October 4, 2022

Assistance provided: Renovation of public school

Beneficiaries: 758

Project overview:

Located in the heart of Erbil, Since its establishment in 1997, Lawan Public Primary School has served the local community for many years.

Understanding the evolving needs of modern education and recognizing the significance of the Lawan School, Vision Education embarked on this critical renovation project. The primary objective was to renovate the educational infrastructure, creating a better learning environment that would meet the needs of the school’s 700 students.

The renovation focused on key areas within the school, including classrooms, offices, libraries, and recreational spaces, ensuring that each of these spaces was updated to facilitate effective learning.

The project’s successful completion on October 4, 2023, reflects Vision Education’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence and its dedication to enhancing the learning experiences of students in the Kurdistan Region. This renovation has significantly improved the school’s facilities, providing an environment that is both conducive to learning and comfortable for students.


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