Vision Education Renovates Three Public Schools in Kurdistan’s Qaladize

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, the official opening ceremony of Peshang, Brusk, and Azadi public schools took place in the city of Qaladize after being renovated by Vision Education.

The ceremony, featuring several activities, was held in the presence of Abubakir Bayiz, Mayor of Pishdar District, and Mahmoud Hussein, Director of Education in Pishdar District, as well as teachers and students from the schools.

The Mayor and the Director of Education in Pishdar District delivered speeches, expressing their gratitude to Vision Education for its projects and initiatives in the public education sector of the Kurdistan Region. Both acknowledged the need for and significance of renovating public schools and hoped that Vision Education would continue undertaking similar projects in their area.

Omar Ahmed, the head of one of the schools, delivered a speech on behalf of the three schools, conveying their gratitude for Vision Education’s positive influence and its role in improving the academic atmosphere for the students.

Additionally, Mewan Dolamari, representing Vision Education, addressed the attendees. He pointed out ongoing initiatives of Vision Education, along with the long-lasting vision of the establishment. He stressed the influential role of a healthy learning environment on students and fostering a brighter future for the country. Lastly, he stated that Vision Education will continue serving the public education sector and will always support teachers and students in the region.

The three-month renovation project encompassed the entire school building, including classrooms, playgrounds, gardens, and administrative and teacher rooms. The 12-classroom schools were in poor condition before the renovation, but now students are offered a fresh and safe educational environment.

The schools have a combined student population of 640 students and 65 teachers and staff.

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