Iraqi Al-Nasr Public School Renovation in Erbil

Date: September 2022

Assistance Provided: Renovation of the public school

Beneficiaries: 1,600

Project overview:

Established in 2015 in Erbil, the Iraqi Al-Nasr Public School is a significant Arabic-language institution. It was founded with the critical mission of providing education to Internally Displaced People (IDP) students, giving them an opportunity to continue their academic pursuits.

This project included the renovation of various spaces within the school, including classrooms, offices, library, and playgrounds. Each aspect of the project was implemented with the aim of fostering a contemporary and inviting learning environment that suits the needs of the students and staff.

The successful completion of this project in September 2022 marks a significant milestone in improving the facilities and learning experience at the Iraqi Al-Nasr Public School. The upgraded infrastructure provides an improved learning environment, ensuring students can continue their education in a comfortable and conducive setting.


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