Renovation of Wasan Public School in Choman

Date: February, 2023

Assistance provided: Renovation of public school

Beneficiaries: 51

Project overview:

On January 30, 2023, Wasan Public Primary School in Wasan Village, Choman, was hit by a tragic event. A kerosene heater explosion in a classroom sparked a devastating fire, causing significant damage to the school building. In response to this unfortunate event, Vision Education promptly intervened to initiate necessary renovations and address the damage done.

Established in 1992, the six-classroom school serves a community of 30 students and 21 staff members. Vision Education fully funded the reconstruction and essential repairs needed to address the fire damage. This involved tasks such as repainting the classrooms and replacing items that were destroyed in the blaze.

The renovation project was successfully completed by mid-February 2023. The primary aim was to ensure minimal disruption to the students’ education, enabling them to swiftly return to their academic routines. This immediate response by Vision Education was crucial in reducing the impact of that tragic event on school’s students and staff.


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