Distribution of 11,000 School Bags to the Children of Peshmerga and Yazidis

Date: September 2023

Assistance provided: 11,000 school bags filled with essential stationeries

Beneficiaries: 11,000

Project Overview:

As the 2023 academic year commenced, Vision Education launched an initiative aimed at supporting the children of Peshmerga and Yazidis living in camps within the Kurdistan Region. Through this project, school bags were prepared and distributed, each filled with essential stationery and school supplies. This effort ensured every student received the necessary tools to excel in their academic pursuits, with a particular focus on children from grades 1 through 12.

In total, 9,000 school bags were distributed to the children of Peshmerga, a gesture symbolizing our commitment to supporting those whose lives are devoted to protecting our region. Further extending this support, an additional 2,000 school bags were provided to Yazidi children residing in camps.

This initiative has not only provided essential school supplies but also conveyed a message of solidarity and respect to those facing unique challenges in their pursuit of education. Vision Education remains committed to empowering students across the region, and continue its efforts to foster an environment conducive to personal growth.


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