Havindka Public Primary School Construction in Barzan

Date: January 2021

Assistance provided: Construction of public school

Beneficiaries: 95

Project overview:

In collaboration with the Rwanga Foundation, Vision Education took on the initiative of constructing a primary school in the village of Havindka, located within the Barzan area.

The school has been designed as a modern and inclusive learning environment. It includes six classrooms, each tailored to accommodate students from grades 1 to 6. Beyond classrooms, the sprawling 1,620-square-meter school building houses a principal’s office, two staff rooms, a gymnasium, a library, and a volleyball court. Catering to a diverse set of needs, the school also features two additional prayer rooms, a cafeteria, a storage room, and a student hall.

This construction was successfully completed in January 2021, the school was officially handed over to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Education, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to enhancing educational infrastructure.


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