Ghandi Public Primary School Renovation in Pirmam

Date: February 1, 2022

Assistance provided: Renovation of public school

Beneficiaries: 1,100

Project overview:

In 2022, Vision Education started a project to initiate a series of enhancements at Ghandi Public Primary School. This 12-classroom institution, located at Pirmam town within the Erbil Province, was established in 2007 and was in need of various enhancements.

The project encompassed a wide range of improvements, including the casting of stamped concrete flooring, door replacements, the installation of projectors in classrooms, renovation of the volleyball court, and the addition of an air conditioning unit. These enhancements were designed to significantly improve the school environment, ensuring it remains conducive to learning.

The primary goal of this project was to undertake essential maintenance and improvements within the building, ensuring that the school’s 1,050 students and 50 staff members can enjoy a safe and inviting educational environment. This project was successfully completed on February 1, 2022, greatly enhancing the school’s infrastructure and learning facilities.


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