Danielle Mitterrand French School Renovation in Erbil

Date: September 2022

Assistance provided: Renovation of school

Beneficiaries: 183

Project overview:

In 2022, Vision Education undertook the crucial task of renovating the Danielle Mitterrand French School in Erbil, a prestigious institution founded in 2009 and accredited by the Ministry of Education in France.

The renovation efforts were comprehensive, encompassing both the exterior and interior of the building, along with its surrounding yard. The school’s façade was updated, and the playground resurfaced, with the addition of trees and shade further enhancing it. The paving was also renewed to create a safer and more welcoming environment. In addition, Vision Education undertook the construction of a science lab within the school, contributing to its academic resources.

The completion of this renovation project in mid-September 2022 underscores Vision Education’s commitment to enhancing the educational infrastructure and environment of the Danielle Mitterrand French School. This initiative has significantly improved the school’s physical environment, making it more conducive to learning and exploration for its students.


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