Providing Classroom Desks to Three Public Schools in Choman

Choman, March 25, 2024 – Vision Education delivered 100 classroom desks to three public schools in the Choman district within the Soran Independent Administration, located in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

In a ceremony attended by local authorities, including the Mayor of Choman and the Director of Choman Education, the Vision Education team formally presented the equipment to the school staff and administration.

This initiative was in response to the specific requests and requirements of the schools, with the aim of creating a suitable learning environment for students to motivate them to continue their studies and educational pursuits.

Sara Salahaddin Mustafa, Chief Executive Officer of Vision Education, stated: “Our aim in this project extends beyond merely filling classrooms with desks; it’s about fostering an educational journey filled with unforgettable memories and empowering students with appropriate learning environments to serve their country and nation in the future. As Vision Education, it is an honor to reaffirm our unwavering support for the public education sector.”

The schools benefiting from this initiative are: Balaki Hawrey Primary School for Girls (established in 1999), Balakayati Literary High School for Boys (established in 2016), and Zenwei Evening School for Boys (established in 2003).

These three schools currently have an average of 377 students and 55 teachers and staff members.

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