Vision Education Renovates Solav and Khatu Zin Public Schools in Slemani

On Monday, April 29, 2024, Vision Education officially reopened the renovated Solav High School for Girls and Khatu Zin Primary School in Slemani, complete with all new equipment, in a ceremony attended by officials.

The ceremony hosted Director General of Education for Slemani, Dilshad Omar, Governor of Slemani, Dr. Haval Abubakr, educational officials from the province, teachers, and students from the schools.

Director General Dilshad acknowledged the financial challenges faced by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) that have limited their ability to meet the demands of public schools. However, he expressed his gratitude for the support of private sector institutions such as Vision Education, which has helped fulfill the needs of many schools.

Dilshad further praised Vision Education’s renovation efforts, which encompassed all necessary aspects of both Solav High School and Khatu Zin Primary School. He also acknowledged the institution’s plans to renovate Salahaddin Public High School in Slemani in the future.

Governor Dr. Haval delivered a speech emphasizing the crucial role education plays in the country’s development. He stressed that despite regional crises, education remains a sector that cannot be neglected.

Dr. Haval congratulated the schools on their renovations and commended Vision Education for its ongoing commitment to serving the public sector in education and higher learning.

The four-month renovation project encompassed the entire buildings of both schools, including classrooms, laboratories, teachers’ rooms, and the administration area. Previously, due to the buildings’ age, sections had been closed due to safety concerns. Fortunately, Vision Education’s renovations have provided students with a safe, modern, and welcoming environment to continue their education.

The two schools currently have a combined population of over 740 students and 71 teachers and staff.

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